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Date: April 2013
Are Quartz Countertops the New Granite?
Carrie Urban 4.22.13    
Over the past several years, quartz counter tops have been gaining a significant share in the market place. Some of this success can be attributed to a huge increase in colors and variations as well as the enhanced durability these newer products offer. Companies such as Caeserstone, Silestone, and Cambria have been pushing the quality of the quartz countertops to new levels, while lowering their costs. 

Here's several interesting facts about these quartz surfaces:
  • Most quartz counters consist of 97% quartzite, or rock, which has been taken from the surface of the earth. In other words, there is no deep mining involved and far less environmental impact than granite tops.
  • Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the world with a greater hardness than granite. The fabrication process makes them stronger and more scratch and heat resistant than granite.
  • Quartz countertops require less maintenance than granite. NSF 51 certified against bacterial growth, quartz does not require annually sealing (unlike granite) and has a less porous surface making it almost impervious to stains.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranties are offered by Cambria and Ceasarstone for their surfaces.
Granites, marbles, and travertines still have timeless beauty but there are many advantages to quartz countertops. Choosing between a processed surface and a natural stone will always be determined by the finding the right surface to enhance the look of the room around it.

To learn more about which product is right for your home at Urban Designs, located at 1552 Bergen Pkwy, Suite 201 in the Hiwan Barn in Bergen Park. Please visit our website at www.urbandesigns.com for more information or call 303.981.7811.  

What should you do with the space under your sink?
Inner Most Cabinets 4.8.13    
There's always so much extra space under the sink. But what should you do with it? We use it for cleaning supplies, garbage and Tupperware. But it tends to get messy and cluttered quickly. Organizing your cabinet under your sink will allow you to utilize the space and store more items in it. Not everyone has the luxury of getting a cabinet designer but you can purchase containers for cheap to help you organize! 



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